About us

Greenlandic-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (GLIS)

The main aim of the chamber is to strengthen the trade and economic cooperations between Iceland and Greenland. The association works together with several unions in Iceland and Greenland, which have similar tasks. To promote this goal, the association is holding informational meetings, conferences, and disseminate information on business, investment and trade opportunities in both countries.

The aim is to promote and maintain a business relationship between Greenland and Iceland , as well as to strengthen ties in other aspects, such as; education, culture, business and politics.

The association is a network of companies, institutions and individuals. It is a platform for communication with the general public.

The Association is a forum to discuss publicly about interests within industries in both, Greenland and Iceland.

The association is active in the transfer of knowledge, the policy and certain trends related to trade between Greenland and Iceland.

The association organizes meetings and conferences related to general issues between the two countries.

The association meets members' business interests to the authorities in Greenland and Iceland.


The Board:

Árni Gunnarsson, Air Iceland Connect  - Chairman

Iceland Committee:
Hilmar Pétur Valgarðsson, Eimskip
Elva Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arctic Services
Haukur Óskarsson, Refskegg
Hermann Sigurðsson, Ístak

Greenland Committee:
Arnannguaq Gerstrøm, Usisaat
Kuno Fencker, Greenland Trading
Jørgen Wæver Johansen, Artic Prime Fisheries
Svend Hardenberg, Mannvit ApS - Vice-Chairman